Being The Story

While we have not had to deal with the overwhelming media interest that bedeviled the Boston convention bloggers, we are getting our share of attention, especially given our proximity to Radio Row. Yesterday I made a last-minute appearance on Hugh Hewitt’s show, along with John Hinderaker, and we may appear again there. Right now, both of us are being interviewed by our hometown paper, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, by reporter Sharon Schmickle. Later today, I am also scheduled to appear on Kevin McCullough’s show around 2:45 and I’ll also call in to Cam Edwards show around 3:20 this afternoon, and supposedly I’m appearing on Right Talk, but that looks like it’s falling through.
The only danger in getting too caught up in this attention is that we lose focus on our own stories. I think as the convention heats up, everyone but Hugh and Kevin will lose most of their interest in the bloggers. We’ll eventually lose our novelty.
That’s when we’ll really know we’ve arrived.
UPDATE: Just finished doing Kevin’s show, and what a pleasure that was. I’ll be back later on this week to talk more about blog alliances.
UPDATE II: Now I’m being photographed by the Star-Tribune’s Stormi Greener. No, James, I am not making the names up, and they have been very nice to me. When you see my bald head, I may change my mind, of course …