Keep Linda Happy — Refund Your Tickets Now!

In keeping with Linda Ronstadt’s assertion that she can’t enjoy her concerts whenever Republicans or “fundamentalist Christians” are in her audience, I’ve launched Operation Thrill Linda — a service to keep Ronstadt’s job satisfaction high as she goes through the twilight of her career. How can you help? If you have tickets to a Linda Ronstadt concert in any of these cities in the next week, be sure to cancel them and get your money refunded:
7/22 – Livermore, CA (Wente Vineyards)
7/23 – Saratoga, CA (Montalvo)
7/24 – San Rafael, CA (Marin Center)
7/27 – Seattle, WA (Summer Nights At The Pier)
Don’t forget, you’re not just avoiding an evening of lackluster performance and forgettable music, you’re helping make a less fortunate, aging, scatterbrained entertainer happy. 100 people in Los Angeles made the sacrifice for Linda — won’t you do your part, too? (Brought to you in coordination with Sharp As A Marble and Ipse Dixit)

2 thoughts on “Keep Linda Happy — Refund Your Tickets Now!”

  1. It’s So Easy To Fall In Love

    Wow! The more these musicians, actors and filmmakers speak out, the easier it becomes for me to decide who I will and will not buy from, watch or listen to. The latest Great American Hatriot is Linda Ronstadt

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    Negotiations between the Recording Artists Coalition and the prospective new owners of Las Vegas’s Alladin Theater may result in Linda Ronstadt returning to the Aladdin with Michael Moore. reports: After a day of negotiations, the prospec…

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