Munich in 2003?

DEBKAfile postulates that certain European government officials are considering sacrificing Israel to appease the Arabs:

Nineteen days before the New York article appeared, a DEBKAfile informant dining at a Knightsbridge restaurant with a highly-placed British intelligence official heard him drop this remark: “Some people in the West have come to the conclusion that the creation of the state of Israel in 1948 was a mistake.” When asked to explain whether this meant that the Jews were to be evicted from the Middle East, he replied: “Certainly. Israel has a little more than 5 million Jews. If the United States and NATO were to finance their relocation in other countries, that would solve many Middle East problems.” …
In October 2003, the same British intelligence officer once again dropped a warning of schemes being spun in secret in Brussels to de-legitimize the Israeli democracy, whittle away its independence and eventually bring the state into eclipse.

The DEBKAfile report coincides with the strange Thomas Friedman assertion this past weekend that NATO was considering adding Iraq, Egypt, and Israel, and then using the mostly idle Egyptian Army for deployment as peacekeepers in the Middle East. DEBKAfile’s source claims the destination is Israel and the West Bank. Putting a few hundred thousand Egyptians into Israel, if Israel even allowed it, would be the equivalent of a bloodless coup.
I don’t know DEBKAfile, but Strange Women Lying in Ponds links to Melanie Phillips, who describes it thusly: “the investigative Jersualem-based website with apparently extensive intelligence connections.” If this is true and some European governments (I wonder which ones? Hmm) are planning on sacrificing Israel, then we no longer have anything in common with them, and should recalculate our foreign policy to isolate them. Like we did with France and Germany … say, you don’t think it could be them… nahhh.
I’ve heard that people don’t learn from history, but damn, Munich was only 65 years ago!