The Definition of Insanity …

… is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result:

Senate Democrats yesterday blocked President Bush’s selection of Charles W. Pickering Sr. for a federal appeals court after a two-year struggle that evoked conflicting interpretations of the past, present and future of race relations in Mississippi and Pickering’s role in them.

It’s far past the time that Senate Republicans should have forced the Democrats to really filibuster a nominee, instead of the Filibuster Lite that they’ve allowed so far. Force the Democrats to shut the Senate by continuous speechifying, all the while on C-SPAN, preferably with that political cartoon of Justice Brown on the dais behind them. If the Democrats choose obstructionism, force them to do it for real. Let the country see what they are.
Either that, or dump the nominees and find new ones, because this process has been grossly unfair to them.