Video cell phones causing unforseen issues, pardon the pun

Quite frankly, this issue never occurred to me until I read this article:

It’s a health club patron’s nightmare: Someone surreptitiously snaps a digital photo of said patron in a shower or locker room, then shares the snapshot far and wide via e-mail or by posting the picture on a Web site.
The likelihood of this happening has dramatically increased in the past year or two as digital cameras have shrunk in size and become inconspicuous parts of everyday devices such as mobile phones.
Now, local health-club chains are scrambling to preempt such mischief. The latest is Eden Prairie-based Life Time Fitness, which has just banned any cell-phone use in locker room areas. Northwest Athletic Clubs and the YWCA of Minneapolis also have instituted similar bans, according to a check of area clubs by the Pioneer Press.

Health clubs have banned film and video cameras in the past for these reasons, but cell phones have become so ubiquitous, and so necessary for those of us on 24-hour call. Pagers are nowhere near as convenient, and being out of touch for an hour or two may not be an option.