And Now, Today on Dr. Howard, People Who Shout “YEEARGH!”

Matt Drudge reports on the nadir of Howard Dean’s trajectory in what was supposed to be his triumphant march to the Democratic nomination. Instead, Dr. Dean may trade in politics to signify the end of his career as surely as a previous generation’s Vegas shows marked the end of theirs:

While everything’s still in the early talking stages, the former Democratic presidential candidate is mulling the idea of hosting his own syndicated gabfest. He’s hooked up with ex-Big Ticket TV topper Larry Lyttle (“Judge Judy”) and longtime political consultant Gerald Rafshoon, who would likely serve as exec producers of a pilot for any such project. …
“The last thing we’re going to talk about is politics,” Lyttle said. “We’d talk about a myriad of other things instead of politics. He’d look at things like, What happens if you lose a sibling? What about when you’re victimized by not having health care?” Lyttle said, arguing that Dean has the perfect persona for the small screen [emph mine].”

I’d make a joke about that, but I’m already in trouble with Bill at the great blog INDC Journal, so I’d better leave it alone. In terms of the “perfect persona”, though, did anyone come away from the early primary season with an impression of Dean as a warm, approachable person, the kind of guy you’d welcome into your living room on a daily basis? To me, he alternated between cold calculation and angry passion, not a terribly winning combination for television unless you want to be the next Morton Downey.
I doubt we’ll actually see this project come to air, but if we do, perhaps we could suggest his first topic: “Men Who Torpedo Their Own Success With Subconscious Sabotage — on the next Dr. Dean Show!!”