Hospiblogging, Day 3: Up And About

I’m at the hospital today and plan to stick around here most of the day, as the First Mate is much more alert — and more uncomfortable as a result. She’s sitting up in a chair right now, reminding me to keep all of you updated on her progress, in fact. (Now you know the real reason I blog — she makes me do it.) Marcia wants to get the digestive system working again so they can take out the stomach tube they have in for her medications. The best way to do that is to get up and move around, and she’s about to walk about a bit for the first time.
More later!

One thought on “Hospiblogging, Day 3: Up And About”

  1. First Mate looks to be Ship-Shape!

    Good to read even BETTER news: Amazingly, Mrs. Captain Ed is sitting up and starting to move around! Isn’t this astonishing? Major transplant surgery and 48 hours later, shes sitting up and taking some steps. I never cease to marvel at what Western M…

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