Isms And Schisms

My friend Richard Disney continues unearthing nuggets of American animation history. This time, he’s found a relatively short cartoon about the nature of “Isms”, and how they lead to government control and the end of freedom. It’s remarkably trenchant 60 years after its release, mostly in how everyone puts blinders on to all but their own interests, and then complain when they get the inevitable result:

Richard was one of the many friends I made at the CLC conference last October, along with Warner Todd Houston, Ken & Kathy Marrero, and many others. I’ve urged Richard to start a regular feature on his blog for these lost treasures of patriotic thought. He may decide to do that, and if so, keep a regular eye on his site for more.

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  1. Isms And Schisms

    Thanks to The Captain’s Quarters, I found the following video that is quite relevant today especially with extremists trying to pit American against American through intolerance, bigotry, class warfare and other insidious methods. Take some time to w…

  2. Make mine Freedom

    Captain Ed posts a treasure of a video from his pal, Richard Disney, that deals with “isms.” Pertinent nearly 60 years after its release, it concisely illustrates the dangers of turning over individual freedoms to the State.

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