How Many Johns Do They Need, Anyway?

The Admiral Emeritus sends me this question from the golf course regarding John Kerry’s choice of running mate:

I just heard that Kerry has picked Edwards for his running mate. They were saying on the news that it would be John-John in the White House. I don’t understand their thinking. We currently have several johns in the white house and they all function quite well. At least the current johns don’t change directions when confronted by people from different parts of the country.
Although it would work pretty well as a campaign motto: “What this country needs is two Johns for every houshold”.

And with that biting wit, its hard to understand why he isn’t blogging himself …

2 thoughts on “How Many Johns Do They Need, Anyway?”

  1. Flush the Johns in 2004

    I was driving today and saw this (below). Wow, what a great display – it’s perfect! Well, they should have put a scarecrow in there and labeled it “John Skerry.” It was in front of a gun shop – they also had plenty of Bush+Cheney ’04 and other Repu…

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