A Whiff Of Baloney In The Air

The immigration compromise passed its first major test yesterday when the Senate overwhelmingly defeated an attempt to strip the guest-worker program from the bill. Byron Dorgan and Barbara Boxer led the charge to kill the key part of the bill, and all they could muster was 34 votes.
Over at Heading Right, I question what this portends. Harry Reid reversed himself to vote against a guest-worker program, and the unions want it stripped out of the bill. Even with the Majority Leader and the unions supporting the Dorgan amendment, it only got 34 votes from the Democrats. What does that mean? It means that these amendments could just be political cover — which I explain at length at HR. Be sure to read the entire post.

2 thoughts on “A Whiff Of Baloney In The Air”

  1. I think you’ve got it, Ed. That sounds like an entirely reasonable plan and some fine insight to the deliberations of the Senate to get what they originally wanted over the cacophonous objections of a nation.
    Meanwhile, our cynicism of the process is being etched in stone. Time to start loading up on bulk-rate tar and feathers.

  2. spot on capt….
    the dems want this bill so bad they can taste it. 10-15 million illegals and the 30 million next of kin is too hard to resist. that number alone will supposedly guarantee dem control of the government for a couple of generations.
    the real key for the dems will be to amend/defund the enforcement issues, as they have done with the previously approved
    800 miles of fencing. why? that allows for the next 15 million illegals we will have to deal with in 20 years. never ever forget, when you read the footnotes, that virtually every illegal is really four –a wife and two children. the wife and children will mostly be fraudulent but homeland security admits we have no way to verify their true status.
    only in america!

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