New Iranian President Old Iranian Hostage-Taker

Gateway Pundit, My Pet Jawa, and LGF all have highly interesting documentation — including a number of photographs — that appear to indict newly-elected Iranian President as one of the radicals who seized the American embassy in 1979. The photographic evidence is bolstered by a number of sources on the background of president-elect Mahmoud Ahmadinejad that put him in the center of the organizations involved in the hostage crisis that destroyed Jimmy Carter’s re-election hopes and made the US look weak and toothless. If so, and the evidence looks damning, then one could make the argument that Ahmadinejad helped start the Islamofascist offensive against the United States.
These three and others have done excellent blog work in fleshing this story out. However, its impact is really more historic and academic than practical. After all, the government in Teheran now is the same as that which co-opted the hostaging, even if one accepts that the embassy takeover was an impulsive grass-roots movement by student radicals. We have dealt both openly and covertly with that government in the 26 years since that act of war against the US. We also know that Iran has provided financing and shelter for terrorist groups worldwide, including Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, and probably al-Qaeda.
With all of this already out in the open, having the mullahcracy twist the recent election to put an experienced terror operative as their head of state really doesn’t amount to a big surprise. And given Hashemi Rafsanjani’s track record, that result was inevitable anyway.
UPDATE: On the other hand, one of Rusty’s commenters brings up an excellent point. Will Jimmy Carter rush to Teheran now as an independent observer to verify Ahmadinejad’s election?

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