Stand By The Mission Petition

The Victory Caucus has a new effort for supporters of the mission in Iraq to let our elected representatives know where we stand. Readers can sign this on-line petition through CQ, and the results will be delivered to the House and Senate leadership. If you believe that the US cannot afford to allow a catastrophic collapse and a genocide behind us in Iraq, I’d ask you to add your name to the list.

9 thoughts on “Stand By The Mission Petition”

  1. I went to the Victory Caucus site,clicked on sign the petition.
    There is nothing there!

  2. Chuckster: Sorry you had problems! The petition *is* there, so please try again and if you still don’t see it, please drop me a line directly (nz at victorycaucus dot com) and I’ll try to debug what you are seeing and help you out. Thanks!

  3. Cap’n Ed, I’m confused just a post earlier you wrote this QUOTE: “After Petraeus reports to Congress on the military progress from the surge and on the political reform agreement engineered by Maliki, Reid will have little standing to declare the war “lost” as he did just a few months ago.
    He could pick up some Republicans at the margins. John Warner wants to see a 5,000-troop reduction by Christmas as a token to show that we won’t be there forever, even if he has no idea by his own admission which troops should leave and what functions should be abandoned.”END. How does that assessment gel with your semi-hysterical call for people to contact their representatives to avoid catastrophic collapse and genocide? Really if a leading Republican on the SASC doesn’t have a concrete exit strategy handy what makes you think one will miraculously appear and convince everyone we should bail to the extent that your listed catastrophes will materialize? Semi-hysterical for sure.

  4. Mission Petition

    Mission Petition
    If I could only have one [thing] at this point in Iraq, it would be more time.”– General David Petraeus July 10, 2007
    Here’s a quickie from the Victory Caucus, a petition to stand by the mission:
    Iraq is now the central…

  5. Um, you know there is another place one can sign to show support of the Iraq mission. [google “go army recruitment”] I know not everyone can, I’m just saying…

  6. I have found that signing these petitions gets one a lot of unwanted e-mail. I even get e-mail from Dean and McMahon because I sent a message on one of their petitions (typed in my own the opposite of theirs) but they didn’t pay attention to the message, only wanted the signature.

  7. Chances are your email software includes the option to add free, anonymous email addresses to your account. Just takes a couple mouse clicks to set up. If you’re worried about spam you can use one of your anonymous addresses and discard it later.

  8. When I get to the page where the petition is supposed to be I find this statement:
    The Victory Caucus has joined with a coalition of other pro-victory groups to sponsor the Stand by the Mission petition below. We ask that you add your signature to the petition so that we can demonstrate to Congress and the world that the American public is committed to victory.
    But the rest of the page is completely blank.
    Solid white.
    No petition,no signatures…nothing at all

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