Chavez Invites US To Venezuela

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez apparently doesn’t like criticism, at home or from abroad. After the US expressed concern over the assignment of dictatorial powers to Chavez, he invited us “gringos” to take a trip south — way, way way south:

President Hugo Chavez told U.S. officials to “Go to hell, gringos!” and called Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice “missy” on his weekly radio and TV show Sunday, lashing out at Washington for what he called unacceptable meddling in Venezuelan affairs.
The tirade came after Washington raised concerns about a measure to grant the fiery leftist leader broad lawmaking powers. The National Assembly, which is controlled by the president’s political allies, is expected to give final approval this week to what it calls the “enabling law,” which would give Chavez the authority to pass a series of laws by decree during an 18-month period.
On Friday, U.S. State Department deputy spokesman Tom Casey said Chavez’s plans under the law “have caused us some concern.”
Chavez rejected Casey’s statement in his broadcast, saying: “Go to hell, gringos! Go home!”

Well, which is it, Hugo? Go to Hell or go home? Sounds like an invitation to visit the Dictatorship of Venezuela to me.

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