Subtle As A Brick

I see the AP has continued its glorious tradition of objectivity, as reproduced in the Washington Post. Ben Evans writes a profile of Senator Jeff Sessions, who led the charge against the immigration bill, which starts off by informing readers that his parents named him after Confederate generals — a not-terribly-subtle insinuation of racism (via Hot Air and Ace o’ Spades):

When President Bush’s “grand bargain” on immigration fell apart, Jeff Sessions, the Republican senator from Alabama who is named after a pair of famous Confederates, was very proud.

Maybe one of the AP’s layers of editors can explain the necessity of including that factoid in the first sentence of a news article about the immigration bill. Apparently Evans and his editor think that a story on opposition to the comprehensive reform bill has to have a racist angle — even if they have to make it up.
Evans actually tries this twice. He explains Session’s heritage again, in a paragraph that has no connection to anything else in the article:

His deep Southern roots are evident in his full name: Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III, a family name handed down from his father and grandfather after the former president of the Confederacy, Jefferson Davis, and General P.G.T. Beauregard, who fired on Fort Sumter in 1861 to open the Civil War.

Deep Southern roots. Named after the Confederate president, and the man who touched off the Civil War. You know, those guys who wanted slavery in America.
I’m sure that Senator Sessions is proud of his heritage, and that has absolutely nothing to do with his opposition to the immigration bill — unless Evans wants to also use that kind of innuendo about people like Max Baucus and Jon Tester of Montana, Byron Dorgan of North Dakota, Ben Nelson of Nebraska, and Tom Harkin of Iowa, all of whom voted against cloture on the bill along with Sessions.
Nice Pathetic try.

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  1. Ben Evans, who is named for the Japanese word for feces, wrote an article that is full of fecal content.
    Yes Ben (or Bem, Japanese has no accurate distinction for the final glottal stop) is the common word for doo-doo.

  2. Since the Senator is Jeff Sessions the third, one might safely assume that he was named for his father, who was named for his father, who was named for two Confederates.
    But that would get in the way of the story.
    I’m William Dwight Roper, Jr., not named in any way after Dwight Eisenhower. 🙂

  3. Since the Senator is Jeff Sessions the third, one might safely assume that he was named for his father, who was named for his father, who was named for two Confederates.
    But that would get in the way of the story.
    I’m William Dwight Roper, Jr., not named in any way after Dwight Eisenhower. 🙂

  4. Learn something new, every day? Bem, huh?
    The MSM’s in trouble because while most of us don’t subscribe, we get elucidated because the material travels through many hands. And, it’s in this mix, with lots of people able to type back; not just scream at their TV sets; or write letters to the editor that go into the garbage …
    Here? Just the facts.
    And, among them? Well, Abraham Lincoln, himself, used to carry a copy of DIXIE, folded up, in his wallet. He said it was his favorite song.
    We also not only had a long-built-to Civil War; we got it because the politicians in DC made things worse. Oh, the price for that? The WHIGS died.
    Oh, yes! People will discuss Dubya’s blunders for a very long time, too. It seems he’s not only stubborn as a mule, he’s stupid, too. Absolutely nothing to him, but a habit of a very rich guy to want to be in putin’s shoes; a dictator.
    Didn’t quite make it, now, did he?
    And, the Fairness Doctrine? See how fast, over the Net, that one also got slapped back?
    While “something” just happened in the Senate.
    In November 2006, the GOP lost, because the Blue Dogs advertised themselves as Bonkeys who’d behave differently than the standard stock. Where all newcomers sit on the bottom of the pyramid; and wait for their “tastey fishes” to drop down into their coffers.
    This time? It was the GOP newcomers who rose up. And, Dubya’s tin ear proved yet again he shouldn’t be trusted to go out without training wheels on. Does Cheney get the wrap for this crap being so out of control? Or do people notice? Dubya, himself, pushed the adults away; and picked Condi? That gal’s practically counter-intuitive. Everything she tells Bush to do, blows up.
    While the idiots in London? Building to make their BBQ car blow sky high; even got one of them towed. No problem. You wonder if those tow-truck guys will get a chance to be on TV?
    Just being on TV, now, here’s a lesson for ya. It doesn’t mean ya win.
    As to Bush. I hope he stays on vacation for the next 16 months.
    It’s even possible, this Immigration Bill STINKER hurt the donks, as well? What a two-fer!

  5. The Left now sees the opportunity to turn conservative anti-immigration-reform Republicans into the Republican version of the 1948 Dixiecrats. It’s a brand new talking point for them, for the purpose of pushing Hispanic swing voters over to the left. I hope it gets no traction, it doesn’t deserve any traction, but the Left’s response to this week’s conservative political storm was about as predictable as the sunrise. Looks like it’s already started.

  6. In AP’s world, there is their side – the side of sweet intellectual reason – and the side of the rightwing reactionary racist sexually-repressed anti-science neocon war-mongering chickenhawk SUV-driving woman-hating fundamentalist homophobic anti-intellectual Jewish nativist theocratic National Guard-joining meat-eating immigrant-bashing imperialist xenophobic tax-cutting global warming-denying DWM (dead white male) worshipping Christianist heterocentric fur-wearing toilet paper-wasting Halliburton-financed Rush Limbaugh-controlled Ann Coulterite AmeriKKKans who don’t listen regularly to Air America and PBS, and who don’t fly the UN flag on UN day. Gee…I don’t see any bias there!
    Ted Kennedy … Ted Bundy…Was the first named after the latter? Should not AP look into this? Ditto for Senator Tim Johnson, who was no doubt named after Timothy McVeigh. And don’t forget Senator Christopher Dodd, who was named after the mass-murderer Christopher Columbus. Has anyone looked into how Senator Jack Reed got his name – was he named after Jack the Ripper? And does not Obama sound a lot like Osama?
    Hopefully someone from AP is reading this – I have given them lots of important leads!

  7. I gave up on getting any streight news from the antique MSM years ago and no longer subscribe to any of the propaganda sheets, nor listen to the propaganda outlets. Rather than spend hours fact checking (and finding 99% of their stuff is lies or worse?) , I just banned CNN and never turn on the soon to be little three outlets other than local news. May as well hit the web and find the truth and not mess with your brain. with so many questions on why they lie about everything. Reminds me of a democrat congress member. You have to be really dense to believe one word they say these days.

  8. It’s clear to me that we need some sort of Fairness Doctrine. For the print media. Rush and Laura are not as biased as these people.

  9. But, but, but…they were all Democrats! Before the war, that is. After the war all they were is defeated.

  10. The Democrats remained the party of segregation pretty much right up until, well, at least until Truman integrated the military.
    One of the local channels’ nightly news last night led with a “right-wing SCOTUS” piece, on the heels of the school-integration cases, that was so nasty you could almost hear the spittle hitting the microphone.
    The piece that followed on the immigration bill collapse was moderate by comparison.

  11. “The Democrats remained the party of segregation pretty much right up until, well, at least until Truman integrated the military.”
    And later. Every vote against the Voting Rights Act was cast by a Democrat.
    I wibder how Albert Bell Gore feels about this?

  12. “Deb” in Japanese means “ugly fat girl.”
    “Gary” in Japanese means “diarrhea,” so you have to pronounce the name “Gay-ree.”
    “Anna” in Japanese means “hole.”
    And “Tom” in Norwegian means “empty.”
    As for the article, well, everyone knows that trying to secure your country’s borders is racist, as is honoring the integrity of immigrants who apply for citizenship legally.
    The only thing that matters is that the American people won this battle, despite being up against the full force of bipartisan special interests that included big business, big labor, big agriculture, all the “civil rights” organizations, every single hispanic group on the planet, the mainstream media, the lawyers, the academics, Mexican lobbyists and politicians, every corrupt senator in Washington, Homeland “Security,” and the president of the United States.
    We didn’t do too badly, for a bunch of toothless redneck bigots.

  13. Smearing contemporary U.S. Southerners with racism is a sleazy game. The modern South is more racially integrated than many northern cities.
    As Ed has noted elsewhere, however, we haven’t yet won the immigration wars. We held the line against unconditional amnesty this week. We still have unfunded, non-existent enforcement. We have a lot of work to do.

  14. Senator Jeff Sessions is a patriot.
    This kind of in your face insinuation that …………….”you are a racist” ……..doesn’t effect patriots any more. It usually is the first thing you hear out of the open borders …anarchy crowd.
    Ironically ……at a recent rally for the U.S. Border Patrol ……I heard an open borders anarchist ….call a patriot ….”a racist”. The patriot stood his ground and just took the abuse.
    This occurred at a rally where patriots were honoring proud Border Patrol Agents and their families …….a lot of who are first and second generation Americans.
    On the line where the patriots were pushing back ………..on the open borders anarchy crowd ……….the cadre of open border anarchy types were shouting ……..”racists” …racists”. All along this line of demarcation …..were DPS officers watching over the slurs being thrown at the patriots fast and furiously.
    One of the DPS officers happened to be a black American patriot herself. When she heard the “racist” name calling being yelled at the patriots …….she started to chuckle. President Bush, Dick Durbin, the AP and the open borders crowd will not discourage patriots by calling them “racists”. Let them have their little tingly feeling for the moment ….by casting around so easily …the idea that patriots are “racists”
    If you watch closely ….the AP has a hack job almost every week out there disparaging someone or another who dares to stand up for America and American values.

  15. When I see AP or Reuters, I do not read the article or look at the photograph because I know there is a high probability the article or photo is deliberately misleading, innaccurate, staged or just phony. The management of these two firms have ruined their brands.

  16. Hmm.
    What was Bill Clinton’s middle name again?
    He got his name from his father too. Want to bet who his father was named after?
    Deep southern roots–Check
    Named after Confederate president–Check

  17. And then there’s DICK Durbin…….Well, maybe we just shouldn’t go there!
    Sometimes the old “What’s in a name?” question is quite well answered with “Not much!”.

  18. I for one applaud the MSM crusade against America’s history of racism and bigotry.
    It is comforting to know that if, for instance, one of the major political parties elected a KKK member to the Senate, and indeed, gave him position as elder statesman, the MSM would educate us about it.

  19. I think that bulbasaur is right! I repent of my reactionary criticism of the MSM.
    Thank God there are no KKK members in Congress – former or otherwise! Nor anyone who has committed manslaughter by, say, driving off a bridge and causing a young woman to drown. Nor insider trading of, oh, pork futures. Nor sweetheart land deals even in out-of-the-way places like Nevada. Our fearless MSM would risk life and limb storming the very halls of Congress to expose these scoundrels and make sure they were driven from public office forever!

  20. Here’s a dirty little secret. Years ago, when the AP bought computers, the wire service started eliminating layers of editors. The thinking was that the cooperative’s member news organizations edited stories before they were picked up by AP.
    The wire, for all intents and purposes, is neither edited or proof-read by AP. An AP “editor” will work on a story — even an AP story — only by chance. That’s why the wire is so bad today.

  21. Well, At Least He Didn’t Compare Him To Hitler

    Because, clearly, that epithet is reserved for only one man on the world scene. But as Noel Sheppard writes:I’m not sure what derangement syndrome Bill Moyers is currently suffering from [I’d call it this–Ed], but on Friday’s “Bill Moyers Journal”…

  22. I really get a tad irritated when folks cast dispersions on southerners heritage in relation to the Confederacy. Why is it that other American Cultures can have refrence to thier heritage and it is ok…but southerners are not allowed the same acknowledgement.
    American history text books in schools have alluded that the Civil War was about slavery…when in fact the main issue was states rights and economic issues related to differences between the industrialized north and the agricultural south, I am a proud southerner with roots that predate the Civil War. I will not turn my back on my family history or my heritage. How about this by-line “Heritage Not Hatred”….I guess that would not make a good snews story though.

  23. Remember how the MSM always blithely accepted Bill Clinton’s claim that he was named “Jefferson” after Thomas Jefferson? Sorry, Billy-O, no sale. A poor, white trash boy born in rural Arkansas in 1946 couldn’t be named after anybody but Jefferson Davis.

  24. Ben Evans, writing for the AP to discuss heritage of the Senate, shares common pedigree via the universal and anthropological “Jane” who, coincidentally, was the genetic matriarch of Hitler and Stalin.

  25. “The Democrats remained the party of segregation pretty much right up until, well, at least until Truman integrated the military.”
    And later. Every vote against the Voting Rights Act was cast by a Democrat.

    then why o why did the south, who was once Republican, then left that party during the years after Lincoln, then LEFT the democratic party during the civil rights movement (Johnson) become GOP in block?
    I think anyone who is proud of their heritage of trying to break up the union and this country, should be removed from the US Senate.

  26. if you have been following this immigration bill debate on other supposedly conservative or repub leaning sites you would not have to read the washington post to find yourself labeled a racist or worse by moderators who supported the bill. two popular sites, which will remain unnamed, resorted to bigotry, race baiting, name calling and any manner of smearing when the first polls came out showing discontent with the bill. in one case they were lobbing broad ad hominem attacks before the bill was even made public. even now they continue with the sludge when discussing the defeat.

  27. If I’m not mistaken Jefferson Davis was named after THOMAS JEFFERSON. So I guess the reporter will say that Thomas Jefferson was a RACIST too.

  28. Actually, Monkei, it was the donkeys that were so p.o.’d that the Republican Lincoln won, and that was when they decided that the states’ rights issue was more important than the Union.
    They may or may not have been correct on states’ rights, were certainly wrong about the morality of slavery, and certainly are still the party that holds certain citizens of foreign ancestry on the “New Plantation” by means of their drive for a complete and total welfare state.
    And I would never presume to think that a certain senior senator who was elected (as a former member and recruiter) with the blessings of the KKK did not have the moral authority to call anyone else a racist because they disagree with him. No, he’s certainly bigger than that.
    On the other hand, I have a problem recalling which of the Republican senators or representatives was formerly a member of and recruiter for the KKK. Can you enlighten us about that?

  29. Sounds like MSM is jealous that they don’t know who their father is, or who they were named after

  30. Good thing Sessions doesn’t have ancestors from Austria that the AP found out about.
    “Senator Sessions ancestors, like Hitler, were from Austria…”
    Hey, the MSM did it to Schwarzenegger.

  31. RE: docjim505 (July 2, 2007 11:13 AM),
    Yep. Smearing is acceptable reportage from the MSM when it’s convenient.
    “Racist” and “bigot” are going the way of the term “fascist” and “Nazi” the way they are so cavalierly tossed around. The tags have become meaningless. My internal monologue to the charge is now laughter though I may return the favor in external dialogue by reciprocating the smear just to prove the absurdity of the disingenuity.

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