Who’s Covering for Kerry?

Power Line notes late tonight that the Sun in Britain is reporting that a major US television network is suppressing an interview Kerry’s alleged paramour gave detailing their relationship:

The beauty said to have had a fling with presidential hopeful John Kerry has recorded a bombshell tell-all interview. Journalist Alex Polier taped a talk with a US TV network at Christmas.
The former Washington intern, 27, told all about an alleged fling with the 60-year-old super-rich senator in spring 2001. The channel is sitting on the tape until it has enough evidence to back her story.
If the sex claims are true, they would shatter his White House hopes. Kerry, a married dad of two, has denied the fling. But Alex told pals she fled to Kenya on his suggestion.
One TV source said: “She wants to tell her story. She has talked at length about her relationship with Kerry. But no one is believing her.”

If true, then this unnamed network is demonstrably using two different standards of journalism; after all, not one of the networks waited for proof in alleging Bush was AWOL or that TANG leadership shredded files, even though in the latter case, the only source was second-hand and none of the principals named in the allegation were even approached. In this case, a principal has been interviewed by a news organization detailing the allegations first-hand, and instead of running feature stories ad nauseaum or even mentioning it at all, they’ve chosen to sit on it for almost two months.
Why do the letters CNN spring to mind?