Meet Michael Larson

Many readers at Captain’s Quarters lived through the multiple transplants that the First Mate had over the last three years. Literally, this blog began because she went into the hospital for a week with kidney failure in October 2003, and I needed something to take my mind off of the pressures of her illness. CapQ readers have supported us in prayers, good thoughts, and celebration when she successfully underwent a pancreas transplant and two kidney transplants, the latest of which came on March 30th of this year.
Both kidney transplants came as tremendous gifts from friends we knew in Marriage Encounter. Rarely does anyone have a friend willing to put his or her life and health on the line to save one’s own — and it’s beyond remarkable to have that happen twice in three years. The FM would not be here today without them, as she never could have survived the estimated five-year wait for a cadaver donor. When that happens, you know that you have to look for the opportunity to pay it forward in some way, some time. And fortunately, the opportunity has presented itself.
A member of our extended Minnesota family teaches at a local middle school, and she told me about Michael Larson. Twelve-year-old Michael has lost his kidney function, and has had to have one kidney completely removed. He relies on dialysis to survive until he can find a donor. Michael’s mother is a single mom with all of the normal stress of getting by, on top of which she has had thrusted on her all of the issues that come with end-stage renal disease. “He’s a great kid,” his teacher tells me, and his mom Leah agrees.
Over the next few weeks, Captain’s Quarters and Heading Right Radio will follow Michael’s case in addition to the normal political analysis I provide. I’ll interview Michael and Leah, post his picture, and let CapQ readers come to know the Larsons. I’m hoping we can find someone in good health with either type B or type O blood who feels moved to save a great twelve-year-old boy. Leah has allowed me to tell his story and to update readers on his progress, and we’ll stay on it until Michael gets his kidney transplant, one way or the other.
Michael has entered the Fairview University Transplant Program, the same facility that has provided the FM with three life-saving transplants. Anyone wishing to give of themselves to help Michael can call 800-328-5465 to speak to the living donor coordinator. Later, I’ll describe that process for readers as well. In the meantime, thank you for reading, and I hope you will offer your prayers and thoughts for Michael and Leah.