Unclear On The Concept

A sixteen-year-old boy got arrested on “soft drug” charges in Germany, and got remanded to a children’s home for observation and care. He kept testing positive for marijuana even though he couldn’t leave the home. They checked his pockets and found a packet of pot — a care package from his mother:

A mother regularly sent her 16-year son packets of cannabis into the children’s home where he had been placed in care, German police said.
“She apparently didn’t want her son to feel bad,” Detlev Kaldinski, spokesman for the police in Rotenburg, central Germany, told SPIEGEL ONLINE.
The 39-year-old single mother now faces a charge of breaching German drug laws. Her son had been committed to the home for abuse of soft drugs.

She had sent her son pot five times since his entry to the home. Apparently, Mummy didn’t want to see her son suffer, so she decided to send the hair of the dog as a comfort while he was supposed to be rehabbing. It appears that German authorities may have discovered the real problem at the boy’s home.
Still, we know how the boy got the pot, but how did he get away with lighting up? Pot has a distinctive aroma, one which notoriously lingers. The police and the community may wonder what the facility management is doing at the children’s home — and what else may be happening behind their backs.

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  1. That’s hilarious.
    But – “Pot has a distinctive aroma, one which notoriously lingers” – uhh, actually, no. They must have just caught him shortly after smoking up, because pot smoke aroma goes away much quicker than cigarette smoke.

  2. Does it?
    That must be why cops can smell pot smoke coming from a car while driving behind it.

  3. Funny and sad at the same time.
    I do think that smokers can hide it pretty well, I didn’t know about a friend’s “use” for years.
    Or maybe that just makes me stupid.

  4. Let’s put them in jail for life….you know cause they hurt someone..errrr stole from someone…errrr…..I mean for their own good. Everyone knows sending someone to jail is good for them.

  5. Legalize it, tax it, and our children will never have access to it. Unless of course their parents give it to them.

  6. Well, you don’t necessarily have to smoke it. Remember all the stories about pot brownies?
    Maybe he was treating it like a wad of Skoal. Did he have a spit cup?

  7. Dave:
    Not so. If you have a good nose, you can smell it for at least an hour on someone’s clothes and hair, and for a lot longer than that in an enclosed space. The ash is also pretty pungent.

  8. Single hit. Cap the pipe with a coin. Since you’re inhaling it, no smoke escapes.
    Exhale into a sports drink bottle. Bubble the smoke through the water like a hooka in reverse.
    Very little escapes. None on your clothes. None in your hair.
    Drink the water in the sports bottle.
    Repeat as necessary or desired.
    This hypothesis is exactly that. I didn’t do nuthin. Nobody saw me. You can’t prove anything.
    So it’s not that hard. Just sayin’

  9. In my very younger days I was into pot and other things. Ended up in a Texas county jail where we regularly smoked pot in the showers not 20 ft away from a guard behind a chicken wire fence. With the large exhaust fans running to provide descent air for a room full of men to a little precaution taken it was no problem.

  10. Jokes aside, this is really a sad story.
    Enablers do great harm at any point in one’s life. But when you’re a kid and the enablers are your parents, it can be tragic.
    I watched a TV show a while ago about obese kids at a summer “fat camp.” They were eating healthy and keeping active, losing weight and feeling so good about themselves. But everybody knew, with almost fatalistic resignation, that all this progress would be erased as soon as the kids went back home to their “loving” families, who were loving them to death with food and video games.
    And I’ll bet there was more than one parent smuggling Ho-Ho’s and Little Debbies past the eagle eyes of the camp wardens, too.

  11. He couldn’t hide it at all, regardless of the way he was ingesting. That’s the reason for the drug tests. No matter how smart you are (not that pot smokers are very smart to begin with), the authorities are smarter and have a lot more resources at their disposal.
    When my son was arrested for pot possession, the police used an electronic nose to find his stash. According to him, they circled a couple of times and then went straight to it. They even found the pot plants he and his friends had started growing — but they didn’t need the nose for that, they just followed the electric cord powering the biolights into the closet. He was expelled from college for that — a fitting punishment in my mind.
    My roommate smoked. And the smell does linger.

  12. If you cook pot first then it’s easily digestible.It can be ground into a fine powder & put in gelatin capsules & swallowed.
    No,you may not ask me how I know.

  13. In military school we would use one hitters. You put just enough pot in for one hit….ie inhale everything.
    Then you have a rolled up towel and slowly blow into that. If done right there is no smell. It worked very well in military school where they were very strict about stuff like that. 1 strike and you were done.

  14. Some excellent tips here.
    Good thing normal everyday citizens aren’t smoking up.

  15. I once hired a “vet” who had been dishonourably discharged over the same thing. He said it was in the air. Finally the military-industrial complex agreed also the test can be fallible, poppy seeds and all and from the looks of it here maybe “not like you plots” slipped a “mickey” possible. They owed him back pay. Nice guy. Pre-Gulf.
    The head of the US German service narco squad was a transfer from Navy at Gitmo. These days officers can leave one for the other apparently. Reminds me of the Luftwaffe transferred to the U-boat corps however…scary in “Operatiion Drumbeat” the WWII battle of the Atlantic by the historian Michael Gannon. Granddaddy’s brother was captain of the “City of Atlanta” early on Jan. ’42 torpedoed.

  16. Anyone that has lived in a college dorm knows how insanely easy it is to conceal the smell of marijuana. Not surprising nobody noticed. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

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