Payback For The Zimmerman Note, At Last!

Mexico’s ambassador in Berlin has launched a protest over what it perceives as a finger in the eye from a German novelty-song performer — or perhaps a poke somewhere further south. Mickey Krause, who has such timeless masterpieces as “Go Home You Old S**t” and “10 Naked Hairdressers” in his repertoire, recently hit the charts with another classy entry in his natural oeuvre:

A German song that is riding high in the country’s charts has ruffled diplomatic feathers as a result of its mixing of geographic and scatological issues. But the singer of “Finger in the Butt, Mexico” is unrepentant.
Mexico’s ambassador to Germany has voiced his displeasure over a popular German song that allegedly disparages the North American country.
The song, which has been on the German charts for 10 weeks, features as its chorus the charming refrain “Finger in the butt, Mexico.” (The German version, “Finger im Po, Mexiko,” rhymes.)
Germany’s mass-circulation daily Bild reported Thursday that Ambassador Jorge Castro-Valle Kuehne has written a letter of complaint to EMI, the record company which publishes the song.

I’m just guessing here, but I don’t see this replacing the Macarena at sporting events. It sounds like one of those silly, nonsense songs that strings together a hook and some cheap rhyming chants and manages to hit at just the right moment to capture attention. Ambassador Kuehne should get a grip and ignore it. Otherwise, he may wind up promoting the record for Krause and really turning it into a classic.
Really — how many people remember “Shadduppa You Face”? Or “Rock Me Amadeus”?
And it could have been worse. Krause includes a version in his live performance about Bosnia-Herzegovina, and I won’t tell you where Krause wants the finger going in that verse.