Ed Koch’s Hero

Ed Koch has apparently agreed to start blogging for the Jerusalem Post, and his first entry covers the man he considers his hero. To the readers of JPost’s blog it may come as a surprise, but not to people who have followed Hizzoner for the past few years:

President George W. Bush, vilified by many, supported by some, is a hero to me.
Why do I say that? It’s not because I agree with the President’s domestic agenda. It’s not because I think he’s done a perfect job in the White House.
George Bush is a hero to me because he has courage. The President does what he believes to be in the best interest of the United States. He sticks with his beliefs, no matter how intense the criticism and invective that are directed against him every day.
The enormous defeat President Bush suffered with the loss of both Houses of Congress has not caused him to retreat from his position that the US alone now stands between a radical Islamic takeover of many of the world’s governments in the next 30 or more years. If that takeover occurs, we will suffer an enslavement that will threaten our personal freedoms and take much of the world back into the Dark Ages.

This doesn’t surprise me at all. I have linked to several of Koch’s statements in support of Bush, all of which emphasize his differences on domestic policy but argue that his foreign policy outweighs those concerns during a time of war. In fact, here’s what Koch had to say in an interview we had with him at the 2004 national convention:

But I said, all of the issues are trumped by standing up to and dealing with international terrorism. That is the Bush doctrine, which he enunciated when he came before Congress, that he would go after the terrorists and the countries that harbor them. … Now, the Democrats don’t have the stomach for this. It’s regrettable, because I’m a Democrat. I believe I represent more Democrats than Senator Kennedy or a whole host of other people like him. … He’s done good things in his life, but he doesn’t represent the heart and soul of the Democratic party … [Senator Kennedy] is an arch ultra-liberal! … The party has been taken over by the Deaniacs, which is what the media called them, not me …

Koch has remained consistent in his support of Bush, and he has started his blogging enterprise with that support. I suspect it will not get too much attention here in the US.
Note: I really posted this to give CQ commenter Monkei an opportunity to post his “waste of skin” comment that he apparently finds so clever. Why not give him one last opportunity to get it out of his system in 2006?