Presidents Day Prayers For A Former First Lady

The nation celebrates the 43 men who have led this country today, from George Washington to George W Bush on Presidents Day. However, our attention turns to a former First Lady, who had to be hospitalized yesterday after a fall. Nancy Reagan apparently broke no bones yesterday but remains hospitalized:

Former first lady Nancy Reagan was hospitalized after falling in her home in Bel-Air but is doing well, her spokeswoman said.
Reagan, 86, was taken to St. John’s Health Center, where doctors determined she did not break a hip Sunday as feared, spokeswoman Joanne Drake said…..
The former first lady is “joking and visiting in her room,” Drake said.

A fall at 86 is no joke, of course, and could have been catastrophic. Our prayers are with her for a full recovery.
With the theme of presidents in mind in the middle of a historic campaign, perhaps a couple of our national leaders deserve some special attention. George Washington, the first and the model for the rest, sometimes seems rather beatified by his place in history. People can discover the man behind the history by reading his letters, especially those preceding his presidency.
Abraham Lincoln perhaps gets more humanized than most historical figures already. While Washington can often seem remote and cold in a historical perspective, Lincoln gets remembered for his humor and personal warmth at least occasionally. The Project Gutenberg collection of his speeches and letters, compiled in an e-book, allows for a leisurely perusal of Lincoln’s communications, and reinforces his humanity while also revealing his contradictions and his brilliance.