Ridge Resigns From DHS

The Washington Times reports that Tom Ridge will resign as director of the Department of Homeland Security at a press conference scheduled for 2:45 ET this afternoon:

Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge has informed the White House and department staff that he has resigned, U.S. officials said today.
In an e-mail circulated to senior Homeland Security officials, Ridge praised the department as “an extraordinary organization that each day contributes to keeping America safe and free.” He also said he was privileged to work with the department’s 180,000 employees “who go to work every day dedicated to making our company better and more secure.”

As the Times notes, the US has not had another terrorist attack under Ridge’s watch. Despite taking on such a difficult and unwieldy task, he has performed extremely well. We all owe a debt of thanks to Ridge.

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  1. Tom Ridge Resigns

    This was expected eventually, if not today. Tom Ridge resigned today in a 2:45 news conference. Blogs for Bush has it from Fox News Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge (search) announced his resignation Tuesday in a surprise announcement that ends …

  2. Good Riddance Tom Ridge

    Yeah, he’s probably done some good in setting things up at the Department of Homeland Security. That’s all fine and good. What about 10-13 million illegal aliens running around our country and the 4000+ that run across our border everyday…

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