What Spooks Lorie Byrd?

Lorie Byrd talks about what frightens her in these midterm elections at The Examiner today:

The scariest political scenarios are similar to those in the movies because control over the outcome there is also in our hands. So instead of yelling, “Don’t go in there,” to characters on a movie screen, what I find myself wanting to yell each election season is, “Get out there and vote.”
Those on the right, not wanting to see “The Return of the Tax Monster” and those on the left wishing an end to the 12-year run of “The Creatures from the Red States” can do something about it.
Not only can citizens vote to keep their political nightmares from coming true, but they can still contribute money to candidates they would like to see win, as well as volunteer for their campaigns and volunteer to help their preferred political party “get out the vote” on Election Day.

It’s not enough to boo from the cheap seats. If you want to avoid the scariest political scenarios, you have to get involved.
Keep an eye on NRO today for a symposium on the same topic.
UPDATE: NRO posted their Symposium of Spooky, including my contribution. I’m in some pretty spectacular company — be sure to read the whole thing.