Airheads, Continued

We are seven days away from the launch of the Northern Alliance Radio “Network” show here in Minnesota, and we’re all gathering at the studio for a dry run today, as almost all of us have never worked in radio before. The folks at AM 1280 The Patriot have been very hospitable in allowing us to descend on them today and will be teaching us the equiment and the timing of hosting a talk show. Next Saturday, we will be going live on the air here in the Twin Cities (pray for their inhabitants, the poor souls) from noon to 3 PM.
The group of us, who can be found in my blogroll on the left — the only place you’ll find them on the left, by the way — are still ironing out format and scheduling. We hope to eventually have a live streaming Internet link through The Patriot’s website so that all of you can listen in on what happens when bloggers try radio. Mitch Berg of Shot In The Dark has been working on a central website for the group, too, so that you can check for updates there as well as on our individual blogs. You’ll hear more about this as we move forward with the program.
Stay tuned!