Airheads Poised On The Brink

We’re almost exactly 24 hours away from the debut of the Northern Alliance radio show on AM 1280 The Patriot here in the Twin Cities. Mitch Berg will play center and moderate the three-hour talkathon; I’ll be on in the first hour tomorrow, discussing events from the past week and interacting with callers. I’ll join Saint Paul of Fraters Libertas and Hindrocket from Power Line. Mitch has the rest of the schedule on this post, and I may duck back in for a segment during the last hour, depending on availability (and whether I have anything intelligent to say).
If you’re in the broadcast area, make sure you tune in to The Patriot for the launch, and call in. For those outside of the Twin Cities, we’re hoping to get a streaming service for the show very soon. Keep checking at the Northern Alliance site for more news and information.
I will be live-blogging when I’m off the air, so you can also check here on Saturday to see what’s happening!