Another Who Could Use Prayer

Hugh Hewitt just interviewed a 6-year-old girl who has a new website, Megan’s Home. Megan has a rare autoimmune disease known as Microscopic Polyangiitis (MPA). The disease has seriously damaged her kidneys, and she will need a transplant soon. She’s quite a little artist, and her dad has put plenty of her drawings of flowers on the website, along with an explanation of her disease and Megan’s prognosis.
You all were so kind with your prayers and thoughts for the First Mate, and the strength we took from that was tremendous. I’d feel remiss if I didn’t ask you to visit Megan’s website and sign her guestbook, drop her an e-mail, say a prayer, or all three.

2 thoughts on “Another Who Could Use Prayer”

  1. Megan could use all the spare prayers you’ve got

    It just kills you when you see a kid who is dealing with serious illness, doesn’t it?
    Captain Ed and Lorie Byrd, taking a cue from Hugh Hewitt on his broadcast, are bringing this adorable little moppett to our attention and asking for your prayers.

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