NARN, The Transplant Edition

The Northern Alliance Radio Network will be on the air today, with our six-hour-long broadcast schedule starting at 11 am CT. The first two hours features Power Line’s John Hinderaker and Chad and Brian from Fraters Libertas. Mitch and I hit the airwaves for the second shift from 1-3 pm CT, and King Banaian and Michael Broadkorb have The Final Word from 3-5. If you’re in the Twin Cities, you can hear us on AM 1280 The Patriot, or on the station’s Internet stream if you’re outside of the broadcast area.
In the earliest days of the NARN, we used to use JB Doubtless’ on-air exclamation about “urine-soaked drunks” riding the public transportation system in the Twin Cities as part of our intro. It seems we’ve gone full circle, because I plan to talk about the urine production of the First Mate during today’s show. We’ll also be talking about how Nancy Pelosi plans to piss away our alliance with the Turks, how the Senate Democrats managed to dribble out a win on the mandatory timetables for a withdrawal from Iraq, whether the British can hold their water in the crisis over Iran’s capture of their sailors, and the general incontinence of Democrat budgeting.
Be sure to call and join the conversation today at 651-289-4488. Kidney and urine allusions are strictly optional.
UPDATE: I’ve decided to stick around the hospital today, but be sure to tune in to Mitch.

3 thoughts on “NARN, The Transplant Edition”

  1. Let’s not forget the commercial side of our existence!
    My contribution is: “Urine in good hands with Allstate.”

  2. Capt. Ed,
    I wonder how some people (atheists) can experience things like your wife’s transplant, from a living and WILLING donor, and not believe in God. In all the years that it’s taken to improve these transplant operations, to make them somewhat routine, and get past all those medical mistakes along the way, I don’t believe that just “rational humanism” could’ve provided enough inspiration to all the doctors and medical researchers to keep going. Not for the doctors and not for the living donors. God’s hand makes these things happen. All the best to you and your remarkable First Mate.

  3. Cap
    I just got back into town today to hear about the transplant (from Mitch). I am so very happy to hear that things are going so well for the FM’s transplant!
    We are keeping you both in our prayers!!!!

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