Contractors Balking At Open Government

Today’s Washington Post has an article on the progress of the federal-spending database, but thanks to the Post’s editors, it’s buried on page D-4 of the Metro section rather than in national news. It contains an assertion that federal contractors will balk at having their oh-so-lucrative contracts listed for the public to review:

Politically, though, the bill could run into problems, as many large companies with federal contracts might not want certain information made easily accessible.
“Vendors don’t want their competitors to know what they’re doing and what they’re winning,” Webber said.

Two thoughts spring to mind here:
1. Boo-frickin’-hoo.
2. Then let some other company win the business.
I have more to say at the Heritage Foundation Policy Blog, which also has a link to a minimum-wage study which shows how a raise will actually decrease the spending power of families who rely on it for their sole income. Don’t forget to check out the Heritage quick-link aggregator, to which I will also contribute. I put a link to NZ Bear’s work on pork in the HHS budget — but you have to check the link to see it!