Two GOP Members, Two Pork Perspectives

Today I had an opportunity to speak to two members of House Republican leadership on Heading Right Radio. Thaddeus McCotter heads the Republican Policy Committee, and talked about the role of the policy committee, but also about the role of earmarks and the need for reform. He feels that Jo Bonner’s appointment to Appropriations supports the GOP’s efforts at earmark reform, assuring us that Bonner understands the need for reform and will provide as much leadership as Jeff Flake could have in the same role. McCotter talked at length about how we need to make policy interesting and engaging for voters.
On the other hand, Paul Ryan didn’t hide his disappointment over Bonner’s appointment. The ranking member of the House Budget Committee thinks highly of Bonner but agrees with me that the House GOP missed a critical opportunity to establish credibility on reform. We agreed also that pork-barrel reform will resonate with voters in the Congressional election — which Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson rejected — and that the GOP needs a big message for the upcoming elections.
Both men agreed on the failure of the House to vote on the FISA bill, and were quite impassioned about the subject. Be sure to listen to the whole show on the player on the sidebar or on the link above.