Desperation In Kerry Campaign Leads To Anti-Israel Pandering

The desperation has broken through, loud and clear, from the John Kerry campaign this weekend, underscoring what appears to be a series of favorable battleground-state results for George Bush. First John Kerry scolded America on Friday to “wake up”. Now his stepson has decided to accuse Bush of illegal drug use in the final hours of the campaign (via Radio Blogger):

John Kerry’s stepson, Chris Heinz, 31, displayed his mother Teresa’s famous lack of rhetorical restraint at a recent campaign event with a group of Wharton students. Philadelphia magazine reports: “Heinz accused Kerry’s opponents – ‘our enemies’ – of making the race dirty. ‘We didn’t start out with negative ads calling George Bush a cokehead,’ he said, before adding, ‘I’ll do it now.’ Asked later about it, Heinz said, ‘I have no evidence. He never sold me anything.'”

In a moment that may portend a Kerry Administration attitude towards Israel and certainly reveals the campaign’s dismissal of its Jewish support, Heinz told the crowd that Bush considered Israel as the “51st state”:

Heinz also reminded writer Sasha Issenberg of Pat Buchanan by saying, “One of the things I’ve noticed is the Israel lobby – the treatment of Israel as the 51st state, sort of a swing state.” Buchanan was blasted as an anti-Semite years ago when he cited Israel’s “amen corner” in Congress.

The first quotes reveal nothing except a lack of character on the part of the shallow heir to the ketchup fortune, and by extension that of the entire Kerry campaign. (He officially represented his stepfather’s campaign at his Wharton appearance, after all.) The second issue portends more substantive problems with Kerry and his viewpoint on America’s strongest Middle East ally. Does the Kerry campaign believe in that alliance, or do they intend on distancing themselves from Israel once in power? How do they think that Israel resembles a “swing state” for anyone?
It sounds like Heinz wanted to send a signal to the anti-Semite conspiracy theorists, and Jewish voters need to ask themselves why Democrats feel the need to pander to that demographic. Ralph Nader couldn’t have said it any better, although he’s often tried. When candidates and their proxies attempt to scare voters through oblique references to Jewish conspiracies, it never amounts to anything but evil results.
UPDATE: Welcome, Instapundit readers! Perhaps Glenn is right — that may not be all that oblique. At least he didn’t come right out and call them all “yahoods”, which would have been a complete giveaway.

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    On November 2, roughly 8 of every 10 American Jews will cast a vote for John F Kerry and his sophosticated continental wife, Teresa. Enjoy, putzes. **** h/t Ace, who observes, "At some point American Jews are probably going to notice that, while t…

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