Kerry Campaign Throws A Tantrum

Ron Fournier reports that aides to John Kerry had an “angry exchange” with the Debate Commission about the placement of timer lights on the lecterns for tonight’s presidential debate:

Democratic candidate John Kerry’s campaign demanded Thursday that the lights signaling when a speaker’s time has expired during debates with President Bush be removed from the lecterns because they are distracting, but the commission hosting the debates refused.
An angry exchange between representatives of the Kerry campaign and the Commission on Presidential Debates took place just hours before the candidates were to meet at the University of Miami for the first of three debates, The Associated Press learned. Kerry’s team threatened to remove the lights when they visit the debate site with Kerry later in the day.
“We’ll bring a screwdriver,” said a Kerry aide familiar with what several people called an angry exchange. The commission did not return a call seeking comment.

Gee … will they stamp their feet and hold their breath until they turn blue as well? The Kerry campaign agreed to the timer lights and the provisos that the lights be visible to both the live audience and television viewers. Where else but the lecterns provide that viewpoint? Did the Kerry campaign expect that the cameras would be pointing downwards at the candidates’ feet?
Just when you think it’s impossible for the Kerry show to get more juvenile, their aides threaten to unilaterally dismantle a podium because they didn’t read the agreement they signed, or didn’t think the prerequisites through very well. It doesn’t build a great deal of confidence in the team that Kerry would bring to the White House, if elected.

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