Did Ed Schultz Assault A Woman In A Bar?

What is it with left-wing radio hosts? Al Franken squared off on Laura Ingraham’s producer at the 2004 Republican National Convention and tackled a protestor at a Democratic rally. Now Ed Schultz apparently bruised a woman after arguing politics with her and her husband in a Detroit Lakes, Minnesota bar (via Power Line):

The conversation went sour when Nagle said he respects Joe Lieberman, the Independent Democratic senator from Connecticut known for supporting the Iraq war.
Nagle said Schultz said he doesn’t like Lieberman, and then commented that if Nagle felt so strongly about the war, his family should go over and fight in it.
The daughter of Nagle’s fiancee serves in the Army and may soon go to Iraq. His fiancee’s son-in-law has served in Iraq.
“It was at that time that Mr. Schultz completely lost control, in my opinion,” Nagle said. “He became enraged, and then our interactions became far less civil.”
Schultz said the woman with Nagle addressed Schultz’s wife with profanity.
“If someone comes up to you in public and calls your wife (references to expletives), what are you going to do?”
Schultz said he engaged in harmless shoving with Nagle, whom he never named on his radio shows. Schultz said he knew if he hit the man, he could be arrested, which could sink his professional career.

Schultz claims that the couple would not stop harrassing him about politics, despite his requests to end the conversation. That’s not exactly how Nagle recalls the interaction. Rob at Say Anything interviewed Nagle about the incident, and he claims that Schultz threw a punch that hit his wife, who had tried to step between her husband and Schultz when the host threatened them:

* At one point Schultz asked Nagle why he and his family weren’t over fighting the war in Iraq, and Nagle responded by pointing out that some of his family was, in fact, in Iraq. Or had been in Iraq. Schultz responded to this by saying that he hates “f***ing right-wing Republicans” and threatening Nagle to the point where the restaurant security began to take notice
* Nagle responded to Schultz’s threat by saying he and his group were going to leave, at which point either someone from the hotel/bar or one of Schultz’s party (Nagle isn’t clear on this) grabbed his arms and pinned them behind him as Schultz approached with a fist cocked as though he was going to throw a punch.
* Before Schultz was able to throw a punch, Nagle’s fiancee stepped in and Ed’s fist grazed both her and Nagle.
* Nagle’s fiancee has bruises from this encounter.

Nagle claims that he has witnesses who can verify his account of the incident. He wanted to forget about his encounter with Schultz, but the talk-show host gave out his private nunber on the air in retaliation for the argument. At that point, Nagle decided to set the record straight.
It’s always amusing to see the violence inherent in the anti-war Left — or at least it’s amusing from a distance. When was the last time a conservative radio host got into a barfight? Do you suppose Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, or Michael Medved would take a swing at someone in a bar over a political disagreement? If they did, it would make national headlines. I wonder if we’ll see the same kind of coverage about Air America’s star.
If you want to send your thoughts to Schultz’s home station and its owner Jim Ingstad, you can e-mail him here.

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  1. “He wanted to forget about his encounter with Schultz, but the talk-show host gave out his private nunber on the air in retaliation for the argument.”
    Yeah, but that’s not really retaliation though, right? I mean, aren’t there like 4 people in the whole country who actually listen to Air America?
    Frankly, I didn’t even know it was still on the air. I thought it went bankrupt months ago.

  2. Actually, it won’t make the headlines because while everybody knows Rush Limbaugh, Hugh Hewitt, Dennis Prager, or Michael Medved, no one knows who the hell Schultz is.
    (Wasn’t he the German sargeant on Hogan’s Heros. The one that kept saying, “I know notheen!”)

  3. Interesting timing. On another set of blogs which I follow, there is yet another series of postings about the hatred and barely constrained violence which lurks in the heart of every conservative. Nothing like the peace and light which every liberal is blessed with.

  4. Schultz is a sock puppet for lefties. He is the cheerleader in reality lefties accuse conservative talk hosts of being.
    And now we see he is a petulant, graceless blowhard with no manners and a criminal lack of restraint.
    He is the best thing for the lefty public square since Air America.

  5. “…then all conservative senators must be c*cksuckers, right?”
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, correct?
    Probably a better analogy would be: if all liberal pundits are violent, then all conservative radio show hosts must be oxycontin addicts. Not that you need my help with your comments or anything, Tom.

  6. As an ex-bartender, if the bar staff was grabbing him, Nagle was probably the antagonist. Bar personnel have to deal with this all the time. You grab the person causing the trouble and toss ’em. I’d take Nagle’s description of what happened with a large grain of salt.

  7. Looks like the 7 year old brat mentality has spread throughout the democrat party. Anyone surprised that people who hate everything would take a swing at someone they were sure wasn’t stupid enough to swing back? I guess you get defensive when you ‘lose’ at everything and are caught daily supporting the enemies that would kill your own family. Democrats have no soul, they’re 72 virgins will be equipped with torches and pitch forks.

  8. Other Ed
    As an ex-bartender myself, I disagree. Im my bar they grabbed everybody involved in a disturbance, and if Nagle was closest to bar staff, he would have been grabbed first regardless of who started the trouble. I’ve been behind the bar and personally seen a bouncer grab the less culpable party first, leaving him open for a sucker punch from the guy who started the trouble in the first place.

  9. It’s a good reminder that leftists are not the peaceful people they pretend to be. And this should make you wonder, if their agenda is not peace, then what is it? and why do they have to hide whatever it is behind a feigned desire for peace?

  10. Guess Schulz has been listening to Larry Craig, he thinks there’s a level of unwelcome physical contact that is “harmless” and therefore, completely licit. Hell, he oughta sue the bar for interfering with his constitutional right to express himself through interpretive dance.

  11. As another ex-bartender, I have to agree with cowboy. You rarely know who started most altercations, so it’s always safest to restrain both.
    Giving out ones private phone number to a bunch of moonbat fans however…
    I could have sworn those lefties believed in a right to privacy.

  12. “hates “f***ing right-wing Republicans”
    Ah yes, more tolerance of those with differing opinions from the left.
    It is possible to disagree, even sharply, with another’s opinions without hating them.

  13. “It is possible to disagree, even sharply, with another’s opinions without hating them.”
    If you have the mental capacity to make a fact based argument, yes. When all you have is rage and impotence, no.

  14. This is not the first time Schultz has generated unfavorable press – he’s the same guy who accidently shot his dog while hunting and yelled an obscenity over the airwaves while broadcasting a football game after a fan threw something at him (which to me would be understandable but he continually denies he said any bad words contrary to the evidence he did).

  15. Wait a minute, I thought liberals were limp wristed
    cowards.Well which is it, mean and violent or big sissies? Sounds like Nagle had to be rescued by his woman. Those tough guy Republicans you’d better watch out for them.

  16. Wait a minute, I thought liberals were limp wristed cowards. Well which is it, mean and violent or big sissies?
    Sucker punching someone who can’t (immediately) retaliate is cowardly. So, yeah, big sissies it is.

  17. Fargoian:
    I saw another comment about Ed from “Gordon” on Power Line, which exhoes what you say. Excerpt:
    “Those of us who knew Eddie back when he was still a Republican knew he was a bullying jerk back then, too. I’d bet there’s no one (in Fargo) who doesn’t believe the other guy over Ed. There’ve been too many incidents (shooting his dog, the whisky bottle through the window, little league football, UND frat house) where Ed has gone off on someone”

  18. Assuming, arguendo, that Nagle’s account is accurate, then Schultz should be charged with two counts of battery. The person who grabbed Nagle from behind should also be charged with assault, or being an accessory to Schultz’s assault (even if they are the bouncer – since his/their action prevented Nagle from legitimately engaging in self-defense).
    Assuming, arguendo that Schultz did NOT strike Nagle and his fiancee (which is NOT what he says), then Nagle may be civilly sued for libel and/or slander. But Schultz does not deny striking the woman, and he admits to “shoving” Nagel, which is still battery in the legal sense.

  19. As those of us who live in Fargo know and remember, Mr. Schultz has a long history of violent behavior, including beating his first wife. She left him right after that.
    Apparently, Ed, whether liberal or conservative, simply has not yet learned to behave in public. Don’t think it has much to do whether he is left or right, it has to do with the person. If I were his boss, think I would have to rethink his employment. He has a long history of violent behavior, (see above previous blog), and has again exhibit his inability to follow the rules of society. Simply a bad person. Probably has gotten a big head again because he has a radio show that though from Fargo is only carried as a rerun late at night as the vast majority of us in the area really are tired of listening to his distorted view of reality.

  20. Tom wrote:
    So if all liberal pundits are violent, then all conservative senators must be c*cksuckers, right? er, Craig was never accused of C*ck sucking, so lets at least stick to facts as they are.
    Besides, as we all know, blowjobs are not sex, hence Bill didn’t have sex with that woman, his intern in the white house. Though he did stain her dress with his semen. That much is certain.

  21. From the accounts given in the Fargo Forum, unless you think they’re just another liberal rag.
    Nagle’s account
    Approached Shultz thinking him to still be a republican (yea right}
    No mention of any holding Nagle so Shultz could sucker punch him
    no mention at all about a woman being hit by Shultz
    So Captains Quarters, you gonna answer your own question in the title of your post which is NO according to Yer guy Nagle. An apology to Mr. Shultz might also be order. I won’t hold my breath.

  22. whipporwill said:
    “From the accounts given in the Fargo Forum, unless you think they’re just another liberal rag.”
    Do you have a link to the actual article?

  23. Am I the only one who has noted that the vast majority of these moonbat attacks are very cowardly–against little girls, old women, and men who are held by bouncers?
    It isn’t surprising. People like Ed Schultz and Whippoorwill are the same ones who have been threatening to rape Michelle Malkin. It’s just like their hero, Larry Flynt, taught them: a real man is one who rapes women when their men aren’t around.
    What a bunch of cowardly half-men.

  24. Since Schultz was obviously gelded long ago, it’s encouraging that the manufactured testosterone he’s sipping now, kept him awake long enough to visit a bar, much less throw a weak punch.
    But didn’t Schultz’s burkha make his absurd flailing about, less threatening?

  25. You could think of a whippoorwill as a kind of moonbat so thank you for the compliment.
    Dear Captain,
    Your link above “bruised a woman” refers to the Fargo Forum article mentioned in my previous post which has NO reference to a woman being bruised. This article was the first written words on this subject with both sides giving their accounts. Since then Mr. Nagle’s account has changed quite a lot and I know how you righties disdain people whose stories change. Since you have not responded to my earlier inquiry, I will assume you have no response and present no facts of your own. But, hey, when has the right ever let a lack of facts get in the way of a good smear/
    MR. Moonbat L. Whippoorwill

  26. Posted by Greg Gifford | September 7, 2007 5:43 PM
    As Isaac Asimov often wrote, “Violence is the last resort of the incompetent.”
    And as I always add: “It is also the only language most incompetents understand”

  27. BTW ROB at SAY ANYTHING FABRICATED that story..I guess anyhing can turn into news with blogs…
    Kevin Nagel is NOT available for comment, believe me Rob DID NOT interview him…

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