Leftists Stage Backlash While Air America Admits Its Theft

Brian Maloney has the latest installment of the Air America disgrace that revealed the liberal radio netlet’s misuse of government funds under founder Evan Cohen’s direction. Leftist bloggers have begun their inevitable backlash defending Air America, calling the story “phony” and irrelevant to Air America by trying to distingush between AA and its original owner, Progress Media — which only had the one asset and whose chief executive sat on the board of the non-profit it helped to bankrupt through this “loan”.
Well, the Left simply hasn’t caught up to reality. Air America said in its second press release on this matter that it planned to pay back the money, a very strange thing to do if it didn’t take it in the first place. As I pointed out yesterday, it’s also a very convenient position to take — considering that Gloria Wise has gone bankrupt and closed its doors. Apparently that little detail didn’t go unnoticed by Air America’s other critics, and the netlet’s spokesperson told Fox News this:

“We’re committed to paying this money and the terms are being worked out… We are awaiting direction from the investigation into how to proceed.”

That certainly indicates that AA believes it took the money improperly, and also that it has had contact with the investigation into Gloria Wise’s collapse and possible malfeasance with its grant monies. We know that Air America has had problems finding competent management (and an audience), but I doubt they’d be anxious to cough up $480,000 for no reason, especially in their present financial condition. It hardly sounds like a “phony” story to me.
Barbara O’Brien claims that the story is so obscure that she had difficulty tracking it down. On that point, she may be right. I wonder why that may be. Can anyone here at CQ come up with a reason that the Exempt Media might be disinclined to report on a story that shows Air America misusing government funds and taking money from poor kids and Alzheimers patients? Anyone at all?
Oh, let’s not see the same hands …
UPDATE: Brian Maloney, not Mulroney. I’m suffering from Canadian withdrawals at the moment. (h/t: Tory, GOPinion’s editor) Also, the Politburo Diktat explains Google to Barbara O’Brien.

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  1. The Corruption In Air America, Update II

    It appears the people running this company are some incompetent fools, or criminals. They keep spewing out lies and half truths hoping one will stick. I have a feeling this company doesn’t even have a half a million dollars to pay back this club sinc…

  2. Liberals try to deflect and distract, but DID AirAmerica admit that it IS being investigated – – – or didn’t they?

    It looks like the MSM will probably be shamed into covering this AirAmerica/Gloria Wise story, the groundswell is just so strong in the blogosphere right now.

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