Sneak Peek At The Thompson Interview

I’m at the Minnesota State Fair all day today, thanks to a couple of scheduling issues that came up over the weekend. The Fred Thompson campaign offered me a chance to get a quick interview with the Senator at midday, and as you will hear on today’s show, it was fairly quick — around five minutes, which is as long as we could go in this madhouse. However, I think you will find it fascinating, especially in regards to the tone of his campaign and his Indianapolis speech. Thompson has a few words about the importance of this election and why it’s important to talk straight to the American people. You won’t want to miss it.
I’m also including a recording of Thompson’s press conference at the GOP booth here at the fair, in which he answers a lot of the questions asked by the readers here at CQ. He also gave his reaction to Alberto Gonzales’ resignation today, which comes first in the press conference.
Later this evening and for the next two days, I’m doing drive-time radio at AM 1280 The Patriot from 5-8 PM CT. My NARN partner Mitch Berg joins me tonight and tomorrow, and Colonel Joe Repya joins me on Wednesday. CQ Radio will go at 1 pm CT the next two days in order to make sure I have enough time to get to the fair both days.

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  1. It was great to hear Fred. He sounded ready to roll almost. Fred sees the need to point the country in a new direction, and seems ready to take on the responsibilities of being a president. Good questions Captain Ed. Great job! Thank you!

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