The Cheese Is Not Silent Now

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel has a flash announcement on their website that local, state, and federal resources will combine to investigate voter fraud in Milwaukee in November 2004:

Local and federal law enforcement authorities are finalizing a task force that is to look into potential fraud in Milwaukee in the Nov. 2 election, sources confirmed today.
The details are being worked out between Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann, U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic, Milwaukee Police Chief Nannette Hegerty and the local office of the FBI.
The task force comes in the wake of Journal Sentinel revelations that more than 1,200 votes came from invalid addresses and that there were other problems with how the election was run in the city.

Greg Borowski promises more in tomorrow’s edition. I suspect that Lisa Artison may have a sleepless night tonight. (via Power Line)
UPDATE: The story has been updated at the link above, with more background. The new investigators include one Democrat (McCann) and one Republican (Biskupic), which should minimize partisan bickering. The state audit will also be announced today.
Now, the question is whether a federal investigation into electoral fraud in Wisconsin will actually get any national media coverage.

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  1. Another mini-Chicago

    Milwaukee remains a pit of despair for those hoping for fraud-free elections. Meanwhile, out on the Left Coast, Washington state’s gubernatorial race gets more controversy . . .

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