Peace And Hate

The Dissident Frogman posts on the the depravity of putting guns and bombs into the hands of your own 5-year-old and training him to kill, or especially to commit suicide:

In my book, anybody putting a gun in the hands of his 5 years old son or strapping an explosive belt around her 10 years old daughter is not fighting for freedom, resisting oppression, showing resolve or absolute despair. … For any given parents and group to successfully and repeatedly overcome this instinctive behavior and voluntarily put their offspring at risk, it does not take resolve, pride or despair but a mental pathology, a religious or political fanaticism.

This is true whether you’re talking about Palestinian fanatics or white-supremacist mouthbreathers in Idaho. It’s bad enough that fanatics strap bombs on themselves … but to celebrate when your 12-year-old takes out a few civilians while blowing himself to pieces is just depraved. It stems from a valuation of human life only for its practical or strategic value. It’s the same sort of thinking that forced the Jews into Auschwitz, that starved millions in Soviet Russia and Red China, that created the killing fields in Cambodia, and that separates Western democracies from murderous totalitarian regimes.