Michelle Bachman And The NARN

One of the pleasures of participating in local radio is meeting the people who shape our community in many different ways. Today on the Northern Alliance, we had the pleasure of spending an hour with Michelle Bachmann, our state Senator from District 52 who just announced her candidacy for Mark Kennedy’s Congressional seat. Kennedy plans on running for the Senate seat that Brave Sir Mark Dayton will vacate in 2006.
Michelle took to live radio like a seasoned professional, making the rest of us juuuuuuust a little envious of her performance. She promises to come back for one of our upcoming live remotes at White Bear Lake Superstore, where I think Paul Rubin will be delighted to have her presence to light up the showroom. We’ll let you know when that happens.
In the meantime, we captured the moment for posterity (courtesy of Fraters Libertas and Michelle’s friend Barbara, who came from Ukiah, CA for a visit).

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  1. Blogs on Michele Bachmann

    The Northern Alliance blogs are predictably fawning. Captain Ed, King and Fraters talk about her appearance on the NARN radio show. Minnesota Liberal and Yowling from the Fencepost promote the DumpBachmann blog.

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