Did Chris Matthews Equate Bush and Cheney to the Menendez Brothers?

I received an e-mail from reader Vayapaso who regularly watches the Imus show on MS-NBC. Today’s guest was Chris Matthews, who infuriated Vayapaso by equating George Bush and Dick Cheney with the notorious parricidal killers, Lyle and Eric Menendez. Here’s an excerpt from her e-mail to Matthews, which she copied to me as well:

Dear Mr. Mathews:
I rarely ever write to people in your industry but you said something this morning on the Imus show that shocked and amazed me; so much so, I had to write you. It was when you compared the President and Vice President to the Menendez Brothers. I realize that your philosophy differs from this administration but there should be a line that you should not cross over and I believe that you crossed that line.
I have watched you for the seven years you have had Hardball and felt that even though you are clearly a “liberal,” most times you seem to be fair in your analysis. You do not have to agree with the policies of the current administration, and when you don’t you should put forward your views but when you start to compare the people who are trying to do the best for the country (I hope you agree that while the methods are not what you want to see, you agree with the sincerity of their efforts), you start to compare those people with the despicable people who kill their own parents, then I say again, you crossed that line. I am sure that you will get pats on your back from people who agree with your philosophy and validate your comparison, but there are many people out here in American feel shocked and sickened by your discussion this morning with Imus.
To say, “I will not watch your show again” probably does not mean much to you, one viewer, “so what,” but I hope there are a lot of people who was as outraged as I was and will not take you seriously again.

I can personally vouch for Vayapaso’s credibility. When I see a transcript on line, I will link back to it. Matthews’ remaining credibility in commentating during this election has to be seriously damaged as a result.
UPDATE: Imus has it on his page now, at the link above:

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews comments on the decision that the President and Vice President had to be together when meeting with the 9/11 commission. Chris Matthews: “I hate to say this because these are all good Americans but it reminds me a little bit of the Menendez brothers, just a little bit. Two guys who are connecting there phones so they can get the story straight. I mean it’s all about getting this story straight isn’t it?”

I’m sure he hates to say that Bush and Cheney are the equivalent of a couple of ambush murderers … that’s why he said it on national TV.