CLC 07 Saturday Agenda

We have an interesting set of speakers for today’s Conservative Leadership Conference. It features a presidential candidate, tax activists, porkbusters, and that just gets us through lunch. The straw poll taking place here will finish today, and that should be interesting. There are a lot of Ron Paul supporters here, but a high degree of disappointment that he didn’t bother to show here while Mitt Romney and Duncan Hunter did. I’m going to predict a narrow Mitt win; he generated some very positive buzz here yesterday.
Here’s what I’ll be watching today:
8: 00 am PT – Grover Norquist
8:30 – Duncan Hunter
9:00 – Panel on the Unfairness of the Fairness Doctrine
10:00 – Issues ’08: What Wins, What Loses
12:30 – Rep. John Shadegg
2:45 – J.D. Hayworth
4:30 – David Keene, ACU
I will have to tend the exhibit booth during some of these presentations, but I’ll be live-blogging a few. Keep checking back…. and if you want to see the people with whom I get to eat dinner, check out Andrea Shea-King’s pictures at Radio Patriot.

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  1. My very deepest sympathies to Chris Muir and his family and friends in the loss of their beloved Catherine Forsythe.
    All my prayers for each of you.
    Psalm 23 – Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, yet Thou art with me…
    May God Himself grant you each comfort that surpasses all understanding…

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