CQ Radio: Tom Bevan, Real Clear Politics

Update: Libby loses his appeal (see below). We’ll take your calls on this in the first half hour — be sure to tune in!
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Today on CQ Radio (2 pm CT), we’ll have Tom Bevan from Real Clear Politics to talk about Barack Obama’s big fundraising quarter and what it means for Hillary Clinton and the Republicans. We’ll also catch up on their latest polls for the presidential primaries and talk more about RCP’s expanding role in political punditry. The first half of the show will be an open forum for CQ Radio listeners to call about their hot topics of the day.
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UPDATE II: Rick Moran is liveblogging Congress — the Continental Congress, that is! Be sure to keep up with Rick’s celebration of Independence Day. I wonder if he’ll live-blog the post-Declaration party, which as I recall was a meltdown of alcohol and heat …