Rocket Penguins Fisk ANSWER

I got this one from Jon over at QandO. You have to read the whole thing, but here’s a couple of great ones:

1. The fact that Iraq isn’t a military threat to anyone. “There is no record to support this claim. During the Gulf War of 1991, while the United States bombed Iraq with a barrage that included 110,000 sorties, Iraq did not destroy even one U.S. tank or plane.”
Huh guess those pilots that I saw in the first gulf war must have beaten the shit out of them selves and turned themselves in. I thought our ground troops out fought them but I guess they weren’t fighting back. That certainly explains why we won so easily.
2. Sanctions have been more devastating than the Gulf War itself. “UNICEF confirms that five to six thousand Iraqi children are dying unnecessarily every month due to the impact of the sanctions, and that figure is probably modest,”
I guess that means that even if we have collateral damage of a thousand children every month we are still saving four or five [thousand] children a month.

Enjoy, and remember these statements the next time you see International ANSWER staging a protest. They’re unrepentant Stalinists, and the fact that a Democratic candidate for President speaks at their functions (Al Sharpton) reveals the lengths Democrats will go to generate votes. Why doesn’t the media hold him accountable for supporting an organization where protesters hold signs calling for the destruction of the United States?