Bill Clinton To Head UN Tsunami Relief

Here’s a report that will likely have everyone buzzing shortly:

Secretary-General Kofi Annan has selected former U.S. President Bill Clinton to be the U.N. point man for tsunami relief and reconstruction, a well-informed U.N. diplomat said Tuesday.
U.N. spokesman Fred Eckhard refused to confirm the appointment but said “a statement will be released on the subject by my office in the next few hours.”

Why do I hear the theme from “Jaws” in my mind, all of a sudden?
How fortunate for Hillary Clinton that her husband will have such a high-profile position over the next couple of years. It will give her endless opportunities to be seen in his shadow, smiling and nodding but unable to get a word in edgewise against the Great Oxygen Remover. On the other hand, pushing him to the opposite side of the globe may give Hillary the opportunity to work alone for a while, building her move to the center for her re-election campaign in 2006 and the presidential campaign two years afterwards. In either case, it means that Bill will once again be given a pulpit from which to pontificate on American foreign policy.
I’m curious about one thing, though. Doesn’t Annan care about the connections that Bill Clinton had to Marc Rich, who appears to be at the center of the Oil-For-Food corruption scandal? It looks like Annan still hasn’t learned a damned thing about accountability from UNSCAM.

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