Iraqis Grab 131 Terrorists Targeting Kerbala

Iraqi security forces have demonstrated their increasing effectiveness by leading a raid on a terrorist stronghold outside of Kerbala, capturing 131 operatives, many of them the foreigners that cause the worst attacks on Iraqis and Americans:

Iraqi soldiers, backed by US helicopters, are reported to have seized 131 suspects in a dawn raid on insurgents planning attacks on the holy city of Kerbala.
The Defence Ministry says troops also retrieved tonnes of explosives.
The Defence Minister, Hazim al-Shaalan, described it as a very successful operation based on intensive surveillance.
Several suspected militants were reported killed in the operation, which began late on Friday and culminated in the dawn raid just outside Kerbala, about 100 kilometres south-west of Baghdad.
Officials say say those arrested included foreigners using fake Iraqi identification papers.

Next week brings an expected large pilgrimage to Kerbala for Arbain, one of the mourning rites of the Shi’a. Undoubtedly, the Wahhabist Sunni foreigners expected to cause a civil war by butchering Shi’ite pilgrims during one of their major observances. With the foreign networks already declining due to significant leadership losses and the general contempt for them that has grown tremendously in Iraqi society, the loss of 131 terrorists signifies a tremendous blow to their operative capacity.
I wonder if Joe Biden and the editorial board of the New York Times, who spent so much oxygen eight weeks ago telling Condoleezza Rice that the Iraqi security forces had zero credibility, might be considering that their own credibility has dropped farther into negative numbers with each successful operation they conduct.

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