Is This News?

The Post, inexplicably, links to this two-month-old story on its main web page:

Abu Shanab was killed Thursday along with two bodyguards when an Israeli military aircraft fired three to six missiles at his car on a crowded street in central Gaza City. About 30 bystanders were injured in the attack, Palestinian hospital authorities said.

I gathered this was not a breaking news story when I read this:

Senior Israeli military officials warned that they would continue targeting Palestinian militant leaders if the government of Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas did not move aggressively to arrest them, confiscate their arms, destroy their weapons workshops and dismantle their organizations.

Oddly, if you replace Abbas with Qurei in this story, you wouldn’t be able to tell this story was written August 22. By the time you read this, the Post will likely have corrected its web site, but it was strange to see this.