Kofi Unclear on the Subject

This article on the highly critical report on UN security failures in Iraq, which led to the bombings in August and September and UN’s complete retreat, contains a very revealing quote from Kofi Annan:

The panel criticized the United Nations for shunning protection from U.S.-led coalition forces — the only source of security in Iraq — and for ignoring “credible information on imminent bomb attacks in the area.” It also accused the United Nations of violating its own security rules.
Annan said the United Nations’ security system worked well for the past 50 years.
“But the world has changed, and we will have to change our way of doing business to be able to protect our staff around the world,” he said.

Hasn’t that been President Bush’s argument all along — that the security arrangements that kept the peace for 50 years won’t work now and must be adapted to new threats and new security issues? Does this mean he’ll quit obstructing the US and start being helpful?
I won’t be holding my breath.