Miami Indictment Released

The government has released the indictment for the seven men arrested in Miami last night, and the charges levied do not mince words. The government will charge the men with “levying war against the government of the United States”:

A federal indictment against seven men revealed Friday details of what the government said was a plan intended to “kill all the devils we can.”
The mission was intended to be “as good or greater than 9/11,” beginning with the destruction of Chicago’s Sears Tower, according to court documents obtained Friday by CNN.
Named in the grand jury indictment is Narseal Batiste, who allegedly told a federal undercover agent, who he thought was a member of al Qaeda, that he was organizing a mission to build an Islamic army to wage a jihad in the United States.
The document says that Batiste “recruited and supervised individuals in order to organize and train for a mission to wage war against the United States government, which included a plot to destroy by explosives the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois,” the nation’s tallest building.

The indictment itself contains enough allegations to prove that these terrorist wannabes have some serious cognitive difficulties. For instance, the first count of the indictment charges the defendants with attempting to provide material support to al-Qaeda, and it outlines the actions of the conspirators showing their explicit intent. Some of these would make a great comedy routine but for the fact that these idiots took it seriously. Those actions include providing a list of shoe sizes to an undercover agent posing as an AQ representative, supposedly to get the “soldiers” combat boots. One wonders why they just didn’t buy their own shoes. A week later, the leader, Narseal Baptiste, accepted the boots from the agent.
They certainly acted the part, however. One of the overt acts mentioned in the indictment were statements by Batiste that the group intended to “kill all the devils they can,” a bit of warmed-over Nation of Islam rhetoric that goes at least as far back as Malcom X. They all took the AQ pledge at different times as well, a smart bit of theatrics staged by the FBI that will carry a lot of weight with a jury. Batiste insisted on performing video surveillance on his potential targets, arranging for the camcorder with the agent, who helpfully outfitted Batiste with both a camcorder and a digital camera. The only targets named in the indictment were the FBI building in Miami and the Sears Tower in Chicago, but other reports show that other targets were on a broader list of potential goals.
These charges could not get more serious. The fourth count of attempting to levy war against the US amounts to treason, and qualifies the defendants for the death penalty. This case may attract high-profile attorneys for publicity’s sake, but they will want to have an existing predilection for lost causes. Their clients appear too stupid to breathe without written instructions, let alone assist in their own defense. The alter egos of the defendants show their comic-book mentality:
Narseal Batiste, aka Brother Naz or Prince Manna
Patrick Abraham, aka Brother Pat
Stanley Grant Phanor, aka Brother Sunni
Naudimar Herrera, aka Brother Naudy
Burson Augustin, aka Brother B
Lyglenson Lemorin, aka Brother Levi or Brother Levi-El
Rotschild Augustine, aka Brother Rot
The trial should provide plenty of drama, and at least a small dose of comedy.

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