What’s That Bulge Under The Burqa, They Wondered

Security forces in Afghanistan arrested a Taliban commander wanted in the string of bombings that unsuccessfully attempted to derail elections in the newly liberated and democratic nation. Gafar attempted to hide in plain sight from the American and Afghani soldiers who rooted him out:

U.S. and Afghan forces arrested a Taliban commander suspected in bomb attacks against coalition forces during a raid on central Afghanistan home, where he tried to conceal his identity by dressing as a woman, police said Saturday.
The commander, known as Gafar, was arrested Wednesday in Andar district of Ghazni province, southwest of the capital, Kabul.
A U.S. military statement said he was a “key enemy commander” behind attacks on Afghan and U.S. forces in the province carried out with homemade bombs, rockets and small-caliber handguns. …
During the raid, the suspect tried to conceal his identity by dressing as a woman with a veil and sitting with other women in the house, Sarjang said.

A moment of gender equality from the Taliban! Will wonders never cease? One has to wonder what his former followers must think about Gafar’s choice of subterfuge, and of its efficacy. For a group as fanatical about keeping women covered up from prying male eyes, they won’t be pleased with its implications. Gafar has now made it a requirement for security forces to check under the veils of Afghani women to do a Y-chromosome check.
US forces now have Gafar for questioning. Perhaps they can soften him up by playing old Poison records and having him watch Some Like It Hot until he cracks.
NOTE: I was going to suggest To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar, but I think that might be a specific violation of the Geneva Convention.

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