Return Of The Living Gateway

Those who have noticed a quiet over CQ this evening might wonder what has kept me from my regular blogging into the evening. Keeping me from my keybord is no mean feat; in fact, one might presume that some kind of monster had taken me away! And, in a way, you would be right — in fact, two distractions developed this afternoon.
First, the Gateway laptop returned from the Dark Lagoon, or Gateway tech support, whichever you prefer. I had only sent it back on Tuesday afternoon, and didn’t expect it until a week or two had passed. However, my blog posts on this subject did get the attention of Gateway’s corporate public relations people, and I have had a couple of conversations with them this week. Their Corporate Escalation department promised to keep an eye on the progress of my complaint, and perhaps that moved things along.
Now, however, I have to reload all of my software all over again. I expected this, as several people warned me that the hard drive would get wiped and re-imaged, and that’s exactly what happened. I backed it all up to my network storage system and thankful I don’t have to redo a lot, or at least at the moment it looks that way. Right now I’m restoring my profiles from Firefox and Thunderbird, and I’ve still got to reboot before I can reload Microsoft Office.
Before I started all that, though, I skipped the dancing around at the Democratic debate and went to see the Little Admiral start Irish-dancing lessons. The Twin Cities has an excellent dance school for Irish dancing called Scoil na TrĂ­, which I have known since I studied Irish locally. In the 3-5 age group, there was a lot less dancing and a lot more cat-herding going on, but she loved it. She’s been asking to do this since she saw Irish dancers at a fair almost three years ago, so Grandma & Grandpa decided to get her started.
So, I’m going to be doing configuration changes until late in the night; expect a slow start in the morning, but a refreshed and hopefully stable infrastructure for tomorrow. In the meantime, keep checking Heading Right for more great conversation from your favorite conservative BTR hosts!

5 thoughts on “Return Of The Living Gateway”

  1. What ever happened to the “thin client” revolution that was going to make all this fuss obsolete? I guess there was a problem.

  2. hi Mon Capitaine, I am a faithful several times/day visitor. Gateway and Dell laptops are marginal, I bought an Acer 3 months ago which is great so far. One good simple backup solution is an external hard drive. you can get a huge one for about $80 to $140 from sites like newegg or tigerdirect.

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