A Farewell To BlogTalkRadio

Earlier this morning, I wrote about my new position with Hot Air and the new opportunities it affords me. I didn’t write about my status with BlogTalkRadio, in part because of some miscommunication on how to address it.
I will leave BlogTalkRadio at the end of the week. I want to thank Alan Levy, the CEO and my boss since last April, for the wonderful opportunity I have had to work as Political Director and later as Director of Customer Relations. I have enjoyed working with Alan and the entire crew at BTR, as well as the bloggers and talk-show hosts who have created a strong conservative presence on the BTR network. Let me assure you, my departure doesn’t diminish the commitment of BTR to the political channels, especially the vibrant Heading Right community I had the great fortune to build.
I will do my normal schedule of shows this week. Next week, my 3 pm ET show will get rebranded as The Ed Morrissey Show, and hopefully we’ll retire that name quickly as we transition to a Hot Air-branded interactive show. We plan on airing the show from March 3 to March 28 at the Hot Air site with BTR’s network. After March 28, we may reconceptualize the entire idea. I will not do any other shows after February 29th, however, except my afternoon show.
As you might imagine, I am deeply appreciative of BlogTalkRadio and believe in its power to give voice to the individual. It’s been a great ride, and I know they will prosper in the future.