Closing Out 2005

To celebrate the end of 2005, the FM and I finally went out and saw The Chronicles of Narnia this evening after a couple of false starts at it the past two weeks. We both really enjoyed the movie, and we would recommend it to everyone. I won’t write a full review, but the movie was excellent in all of its facets — acting, cinematography, music, the works. The only complaint I had was that the score tended to drown out the dialogue in a couple of places. Otherwise, it should please every member of the family — and I can’t wait for the sequel.
I don’t have a retrospective to offer for 2005. I had thought I might go through some of my old posts for a list of favorites, but in the end, I just had other tasks going on. Instead, take a look at some of my friends who did:
* Patterico looks at the year for the LA Times, whose time may be up soon.
* The Anchoress looks at 2005, and makes predictions for 2006
* Michelle Malkin reviews 2005 in The War on Blogs
* Hugh reviews five blogs that hit their stride in 2005
* The Persistent Burrito comes back with a list of predictions after a busy day of posting
As for me, I’m going to ring in the New Year by watching my new DVD of Serenity, and I’ll get back to blogging in the morning. Happy New Year, everyone!