CQ In DC Next Week!

As many of you already know, I will appear at the Heritage Foundation on July 8th to speak at a symposium on bloggers, journalism, and the convergence of the old and new media. Mark Tapscott, the Director for Heritage’s Center for Media and Public Policy, has titled the presentation as “Are Bloggers and Journalists Friends Or Enemies”? Originally, Mark had lined up Jim Hill, the managing editor for the Washington Post Writers Group, as my counterbalance for the presentation. Mark has now added Daniel Glover, the managing editor for National Journal’s Technology Daily. Daniel also runs the NJ’s Beltway Blogroll blog.
Here’s the description from the Heritage Foundation invitation:

American blogger Ed Morrissey has broken story after sordid story on Canada’s multi-million dollar Adscam scandal. But are bloggers “real” journalists? Are bloggers and journalists natural enemies or allies in reporting the news? Or are bloggers a completely new kind of media force that defies all traditional classification?
Morrissey has built a blog with enormous public policy influence in less than two years. Hill’s career spans The Arizona Republic, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Glover is an editorial leader of one of America’s most venerated publications. Come hear how three savvy voices of the Old and New Media answer these and many related issues.

The forum will start at 10:30 AM EDT on Friday, July 8th. If you can’t watch it in person, the event will be televised through Heritage’s web site. I’m looking forward to not just speaking at such a prestigious venue, but meeting Jim and Daniel and the people who will attend both the symposium and the lunch afterwards. (Fortunately for bloggers everywhere, I don’t believe they’ll be televising me eating lunch.) If you catch the speech, I hope to hear from you to get your feedback.
And if you’re in DC, I’d like to plan a get-together, probably Thursday night, as a blogger get-together in the area somewhere. I have already received several e-mails from area bloggers; in the next few days, we’ll finalize something fun.